Lets make Youtube into Myspace. These companies that engage in censorship and utilize various manipulation tactics, I say lets proverbially burn these companies to the ground and start anew.


Is our subconscious mind at work or are men’s wallets and women’s purses intentionally designed to reflect subconscious sexual symbols?

Is there a more effective way for politicians to win elections than what we see today?

We know what Twitter is, just ignore them at this point.

Ever heard of this nonsense? Women demanding their bosses to install a daycare at their office because such women are selfish and have no family planning skills to speak of?

Ever heard this nonsense from females, “women don’t mean what they say?” Well I’ve come up with a means to counter that weapons grade BS.

SJWs and Feminists have this bizarre understanding of the US Constitution and its amendments. They honestly believe the amendments only apply to how the government is to interact with its citizens. Read as to how society would look if such were true.