And now for your weekly dose of euphemistic language. When ever there is a tragedy, political ideologues of all stripes like to have a “discussion.” Which the euphemistic word “discussion” will be replaced with the more honest, yet long winded phrase of: “Sit down and STFU. We are going to jamb down your throats what […]

Ever heard those conspiracy theories about how male engineers are keeping da wimmins down? Well here’s a real life account of an engineer’s day . . . from a real engineer.

Now for your weekly dose of euphemistic language, the word “lying” will now be replaced by the more creative euphemistic phrase of “rearranging reality.” “Your honor the witnesses wasn’t lying about how she plotted her husband’s murder in order to get the $1,000,000 life insurance. No, she just rearranged reality for all of us to […]

Do you plan on writing a 100+ page manifesto? Let me stop you there. This simple guide can help you reach a larger audience while helping to keep your motivations clear.

An open letter to Sheryl Sanderg about the merits of shoveling snow. And some campaign ideas for her to consider.

Here’s a better strategy for Sargon of Akkad to affect policy change.

An account of an insane feminist who hates men and boys. And the psychosis of ideology.