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To All My New Subscribers . . .

Just saying thanks to all my new subscribers. I’ve included a list of my most popular posts.

My Thoughts on Gun Control, Gun Deaths, & Related Topics

I’ve been asked to give my thoughts on gun control, guns, background checks, and gun violence. When one finishes reading this essay, one will see that much, if not all, of the gun violence that politicians and media use for their purposes is blown out of proportion. For instance, can the reader put the following […]

The Defenders: The White Privilege Rant

I watched The Defenders over the weekend and by the third episode, Luke Cage and Danny Rand cross paths. To put this scene into context, it would require one to know the events prior to their conversation. Leading up to Cage and Rand cross paths, Rand and his girlfriend Colleen Wing entered a room full […]

4 Missing in Bucks County: It’s not about Race – It’s Class

About a week ago, 4 young men were reported missing in Bucks County, PA. As a result of these disappearances, there is wide media coverage both locally and nationally. And like clockwork America’s nut cases and whack jobs (eg. black supremacists, feminists, SJWs, et al) are making this case about race and sex and not […]

Live Streaming on YT? No Thanks I’ll Pass

I will never understand the reason for people doing multi-hour live streams or hangouts on YT. And it’s not the people who do it once every few months, but when it’s several times a month or worse . . . several times a week . . . . I wonder are these people’s lives that […]

MGTOW: It’s Feminism for Men

(I originally posted this in the answer section of Quora.) To begin, the whole idea of using the word MGTOW is a joke. We have a word for men who want to be single – bachelor. There have been times in American history where we had swaths of men who embraced and enjoyed being single, […]

Putting Narcissists in the Garbage: Toxic Friend #1

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to write about my experience with narcissists. The first sign that I noticed that I was surround by narcissists were the “friends” that I was around. I noticed that one in particular, whom later I learned was from a family of narcissists, would speak out of both sides […]