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HELP WANTED: Circus of the Moon ISO of One Musician

We are looking for that one talented musician capable of performing under the hardest of conditions.

A Question for Ben Shapiro: Your Taxes are Supporting Your Enemies

Ben Shapiro’s taxes are supporting the policies and people he detests. Does Little Benny live according to his ideals?

The Real Reason Why Men Don’t Ask for Directions

Here’s the real reason men won’t stop to ask for directions?

The American Society for Packaging Standards Release New 2018 Guidelines

The American Society for Packaging Standards Release New 2018 Guidelines. These new standards are the latest in the hopes to help protect consumer products and prevent shop lifting.

What are Progressives Doing for Necrophiliacs?

What are Progressives doing for Necrophiliacs? For where I’m sitting, they aren’t doing shit for this oppressed minority.

The Rape-O Experiment Meets The Belko Experiment

Ever wonder how society can get rid of these females who falsely accuse guys of rape and sexual assault? I have a solution.

To All My New Subscribers . . .

Just saying thanks to all my new subscribers. I’ve included a list of my most popular posts.