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MGTOW: It’s Feminism for Men

(I originally posted this in the answer section of Quora.) To begin, the whole idea of using the word MGTOW is a joke. We have a word for men who want to be single – bachelor. There have been times in American history where we had swaths of men who embraced and enjoyed being single, […]

Putting Narcissists in the Garbage: Toxic Friend #1

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to write about my experience with narcissists. The first sign that I noticed that I was surround by narcissists were the “friends” that I was around. I noticed that one in particular, whom later I learned was from a family of narcissists, would speak out of both sides […]

Julie Borowski – She’s a Lullcow

In the near future I’m going to write a more detailed analysis and thoughts on Julie Borowski, but for now this is a minor rant. I’ve been subbed to Julie on Facebook for at least 2 years and I was subbed to her on Youtube, but this chick says some of the dumbest things ever. […]

How to Handle Female Managers Who Abuse their Power

(I’m reposting my comment below which originally appeared on The Federalist comment section “How Women Can Prevent Sexual Harassment At Work“, which my comment, although lengthy, is informative for men who have to deal with female managers who abuse their power in order to seek sexual favors from their male underlings.) About 13 years ago […] A Cornucopia of Sexism

I’m on’s daily newsletter where they send notices of new products and sales, which is a standard marketing these days with online stores. Amazon, Ebay, and many other stores do this, but what these other online stores don’t do that does is propagate feminist mythology claiming that women are under paid in the […]

A Question for Libertarians: Property Rights Over Self Defense?

Four years ago, I blogged about a Philadelphia school now requiring random drug testing of their students. At the end of the article, I state, “No corporation can enforce its will at the expense of violating people’s civil rights in the name of property rights. No school can enforce its will at the expense of […]

A Question for Libertarians: Living with a Bomb Maker

A question for you Libertarians: The scenario follows, The world is now Lib-topia, everything you Libertarians wanted, you now have. So you’ve been living in an high rise apartment complex for 12 years. And you recognize your neighbors by face. But you really don’t know them, because hey lets face it you are the most […]