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Philosophical Pondering: Fucking One’s Feelings

Just pondering on what it would be like to fuck one’s feelings.


How Christians and Feminists Abuse Language: Theory & Pussy!

Blogging about the abuse of the words ‘pussy’ and ‘theory’ by Christians and Feminists.

Sonia Sotomayor: She’s the Anti-Viagra

Sonia Sotomayer destroys erections up to 100 meters away – take precaution.

Addressing Ben Shapiro’s Advice on Attaining the Middle Class

Addressing Ben Shapiro’s simplistic claim on one attaining the middle class.

Libertarians: A Question about Collective Individualism

Questioning the Libertarians on Collective Individualism.

A Question for Conservatives: Student Loans & Your Support for Bankers

A question for conservatives regarding student loans and bankers.

The Defenders: The White Privilege Rant

I watched The Defenders over the weekend and by the third episode, Luke Cage and Danny Rand cross paths. To put this scene into context, it would require one to know the events prior to their conversation. Leading up to Cage and Rand cross paths, Rand and his girlfriend Colleen Wing entered a room full […]