4 Missing in Bucks County: It’s not about Race – It’s Class

About a week ago, 4 young men were reported missing in Bucks County, PA. As a result of these disappearances, there is wide media coverage both locally and nationally. And like clockwork America’s nut cases and whack jobs (eg. black supremacists, feminists, SJWs, et al) are making this case about race and sex and not looking at the bigger picture. The four missing men in this case are young white men, which black supremacists and feminists only want people to focus on those aspects so as to further sell their narrative.

The red flag that tipped me off was the fact that when Cosmo DiNardo was detained, his parents posted 10% of a $1,000,000 bail within hours of their son being arrested. Moreover, if one were to look up the property values in Solebury Township, PA, you will quickly find that the current home values in Solebury average $2,500,000. Additionally, the missing men and DiNardo attended Holy Ghost Preparatory School located in Bensalem, PA. The tuition for the upcoming school year at Holy Ghost Prep is $21,500. Keep in mind that in PA, if you send your kid to a private school you are  required to pay your local school taxes, which the average tax bill in Solebury Township is $10,200. It could not be determined at this time that of the average taxes paid per household in Solebury Township as to how much is used for local governance and what is used for schools. Now those who aren’t from the area don’t know, there are billboards advertising the images of the missing men, their description, and police contact information. To give the reader an understand of the price tag for a billboard, when I was self employed, I would receive the advertising portfolios from Comcast, Clear Channel, and Via Com and the billboards along Interstate 95 in North Philly were averaging about $10,000/month and that was the cheapest for one billboard in the worse part of Philly.

With all that said, the only people who can afford a $2,500,000 home, able to send their kids to a private school for $21,500/yr, pay $10,200 in local taxes, and post 10% of a $1,000,000 cash bail within hours of their kid being arrested are rich people. The aforementioned tuition and local taxes alone make up some people’s annual salary. And these black supremacists and feminists who are dumber than a door knob fail to realize is that when you have money you can afford to do more. And I don’t fault the parents for using their money to purchase advertisements and hire public relations to find their kids.

In the end, white men go missing and groups of white men go missing every year and many of them are never found or they are found dead. But we never know their names or their stories. At best the average missing white male will get a flyer posted on a grocery store billboard or a telephone pole. But the families of the missing will have to rely on their local and state police to find their family member. And this is the danger of ideologies. If one has to rely on an ideology, they are retarded. And ideologies make a dumb person even dumber. And for the rest of us, when an ideologue pisses in the well of knowledge the rest of us have to clean that well.


Key figure in Bucks disappearance spoke of having people killed, acquaintance says

Holy Ghost Prep. Tuition

Zillow – Solebury Township, PA

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