Live Streaming on YT? No Thanks I’ll Pass

I will never understand the reason for people doing multi-hour live streams or hangouts on YT. And it’s not the people who do it once every few months, but when it’s several times a month or worse . . . several times a week . . . . I wonder are these people’s lives that bankrupt that they have nothing else in life?  You mean to tell me there isn’t a book they could read? A movie to watch? A song to compose? A machine to design? A walk to be had? Or perhaps a real life human they could interact with on a one to one interaction? Or a skill to be learned? Or a beautiful women to have sex with?

Then the other aspect I’ve noticed is that everyone talks over everyone else. You can’t make out what anyone is saying. And the topics of conversations are extremely vapid. To the point that check out line tabloids have more substance than these streams do. Which this inability for people to converse, regardless of the medium, is a symptom of some serious social retardation.

Then there are these live gaming streams where friends broadcast themselves playing a video game. I can understand having a separate video feed because there are video games out there that the in game chat isn’t the greatest, but to then broadcast their gaming to the world . . . . how much of an unaware self important person must one be to not recognize the futility in doing such? And the people who watch these streams? Like WTF? Is your life that vapid you have to watch people talk over each other or watch people play a video game? As I end this blog post, the more this nonsense looks like a scene from the movie Idiocracy.

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