MGTOW: It’s Feminism for Men

(I originally posted this in the answer section of Quora.)

To begin, the whole idea of using the word MGTOW is a joke. We have a word for men who want to be single – bachelor. There have been times in American history where we had swaths of men who embraced and enjoyed being single, but what we haven’t had in prior times was an ideology attached to men being single. Many of these MGTOWs have taken, like ideologies prior to them, real problems that afflict a demographic, then start to create jargon to describe the problem, then they create conspiracy theories, then they pile on more jargon, then in time it becomes a world view (aka an ideology). This outlined pattern is seen with feminists, libertarians, communists, Marxists, et al. Eventually what happens like with other ideologues, is that the person gets hollowed out. They cease to be their own person and everything they do has to fit the ideology. Everything from how they speak, to dress, mannerisms, topics of discussion, etc. center around the ideology.

Here in America we do have problems with our family courts and family laws. which is painfully evident. Additionally, we do have problems with our females. Many American females sadly from my experience are gross and disgusting. And many of these female behaviors stem from the fact that we don’t allow females to experience the consequences of their actions. Moreover we shield many females from reality. A project that I’ve been working on is listing all the state sponsored programs in my state that are directed at men and women. And the programs for females are leading the way. At this time of writing, I have yet to find any program directed exclusively at men in my state. Which brings me to my next point, is it any wonder why we have so many females who show symptoms of cluster B personality disorders . . . narcissism, psychopathy, et al. . . . over inflated sense of importance, superficial personalities, concerned more with how they appear to others rather than what they are . . . and the list continues. We have given females so many advantages and leg ups that is it any wonder why we have so many who have an entitlement mentality?

I describe these problems we have with American women as an example of what happens when weak insecure empty persons take a real problem and develop it into an ideology (hence feminism, MGTOW, etc.)

The problem I have with MGTOWs is that they try to take problems in America and a few other western nations and extrapolate it out to EVERY female in the world. They don’t like it when I describe my experiences with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Quebecois women which is contradictory to the narrative they push. The aforementioned nationalities, they are different in their beliefs and how they interact with men. And I’ve had great times with all of them. As a rhetorical question, how many American women does one know who will admit that she messed up, apologized for it, and not do it again? I have yet to meet an American woman who does that, I have however dated Chinese women who admit that they did something wrong, apologize for it, and make amends. But the MGTOW narrative being pushed, all women everywhere are identical in behavior, belief, action, etc. and therefore I’m a pussy beggar, tradcon, what ever BS jargon they are pushing lately.

Many of these MGTOWs I’ve seen online are losers. They spend obscene amounts of hours whining about women, yet from what I can tell do little to live life. I remember one loser, NeoUnplugged who use to make multi-hour videos several times a day whining about women. And I remember thinking, “how is this guy ‘going his own way?’ When he spends most of his waking hours making videos whining about women?” Many of the ones I’ve seen are fat slovenly losers who like to spend most of their time playing video games and whining about women. Bachelors are too busy living life to waste their time making 4 hour long daily videos whining about women.
In the end, MGTOW has become feminism for men.

What is your opinion of the MGTOW movement?

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