Julie Borowski – She’s a Lullcow

In the near future I’m going to write a more detailed analysis and thoughts on Julie Borowski, but for now this is a minor rant. I’ve been subbed to Julie on Facebook for at least 2 years and I was subbed to her on Youtube, but this chick says some of the dumbest things ever. The inspiration for today’s post comes from today’s FB statement where she goes off about this “trend” called stealthing where through my own research it was started at Huff Po, which anyone who knows anything about Huff Po, knows they aren’t known for being honest. In fact in today’s commentary on the media, Huff Po is the leader when it comes to fake news and propaganda. Shit, Huff Po puts The New York Times to shame when it comes to lies.

Stealthing is the alleged act that men take condoms off during sex and penetrate their woman without her knowing he removed the condom.

This nonsense about stealthing is just that – nonsense. It’s coming from feminists, dumb women, beta males, women who have gaping vagina syndrome, and people who haven’t had or don’t have sex. I’ve been with a lot of women, and every woman I’ve been with can tell the difference when their is a raw dick versus a covered dick in her pussy. And one can read more testimonies from the below links about women discussing the difference between a raw dick versus a covered dick. The problem with this conspiracy is it denies women their agency. Considering most women know what a covered dick and a raw dick feel like and the fact that most people have sex with the lights on, stealthing gives women another excuse not to take care of their being. So if a woman knows that she’s getting fucked by a man not wearing a condom and gets pregnant she can then claim that she was stealthed and disavow herself of any responsibility.

And then there’s the fact that Julie wants a law making stealthing illegal. Which brings up another question: How does a woman go about proving that they were stealthed? Perhaps if Julie wants to improve relations between men and women, how about passing a law that allows men to freely terminate parental responsibility, because as many people know and as many women know there sure are a lot of women out there who lie about being on birth control. Therefore if men can freely choose not to be a dad, the likelihood of women lying about being on birth control will go down considering the woman will then be responsible for the child.

Returning to Julie, watching her videos and reading her FB post, I doubt she even takes a minute to think about what she says in videos or FB posts before posting. Over a year ago, she posted on FB and YT stating that men shouldn’t hit women even if the woman starts the fist fight first. And keep in mind this is a person who advocates the non-aggression principal and equality before the law, so tell me again how is it equal for one person to punch another and expect the other person to just stand there and take it? Her rebuttal to such is that men are stronger and women are weaker therefore it’s okay for women to hit men. And the best rebuttal to that claim came from a FB poster where he said,

“If a candyass approached a trained MMA fighter, punched him, and the MMA fighter proceed to ground and pound his ass, no one would be crying, “but he’s weaker than you, you shouldn’t hit him back.” No, we would all be laughing our asses at him for being stupid.”

My last two comments about Julie are: I can’t help but notice that on FB she will post asking people opinions on a topic only 3-5 days later she will post a YT video regurgitating other people’s opinions . . . so much for originality. And lastly, I can’t help but notice that when she says or post something stupid on social media that it seems to occur in a four week cycle, I wonder if this cycle of hers correlates with another cycle that is common with females?

Women talking about the difference between a covered cock versus raw



Huff Po . . . . the place where this Stealthing nonsense has started


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