A Cornucopia of Sexism

I’m on’s daily newsletter where they send notices of new products and sales, which is a standard marketing these days with online stores. Amazon, Ebay, and many other stores do this, but what these other online stores don’t do that does is propagate feminist mythology claiming that women are under paid in the work force.’s president, Liza Landsman in her email today claims that women are only paid $0.79 to a man’s $1.00.

Liza if you are reading this please take some basic arithmetic courses, you know . . . . addition, multiplication, etc. Also, take a course on logic would help you immensely. If women were being paid that low of a wage our jobs wouldn’t have gone over to China, instead what we would have seen in the last 50 years is female dominance in the workforce, we have not seen that in the last 5 decades. The $0.79 to a man’s $1.00 you claim is based on all wages combined and doesn’t take into account a person’s experience, education, years at a company, etc. You are either extremely dishonest or extremely incompetent and considering you have only been’s president for 3 months at the time of this writing, I would estimate that based on your performance so far you are a combination of dishonesty and incompetency.

Also, Liza, I highly doubt you are paying your workers the same wage as you receive. Lastly, Liza, I couldn’t help notice that your entire staff is female dominated, it’s like you almost have this desire to be queen bee. It wouldn’t surprise me that looking at how plain Jane you are that have some serious deep rooted insecurities.

With all that said, I’m closing my account and have no interest in purchasing from Moreover I’m asking everyone who reads this to do the same.

Below I’ve attached an image of the email I received, an image of her staff, and a link to her message.

“79% Is Not Enough. Women Deserve More.”

Liza’s profile in adweek

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