A Question for Libertarians: Living with a Bomb Maker

A question for you Libertarians:

The scenario follows, The world is now Lib-topia, everything you Libertarians wanted, you now have. So you’ve been living in an high rise apartment complex for 12 years. And you recognize your neighbors by face. But you really don’t know them, because hey lets face it you are the most important one. One morning you’re waiting for the elevator and a neighbor is waiting there with a big box marked to be mailed. You both get on the elevator and during your descent you start a conversation. You learn that he’s a self-employed high powered explosives maker working out of his apartment who has been at this for the last 15 years since he moved into the building. In fact the explosives he makes are about the size of a toilet paper roll and have the capacity to level one square city block to dust in one pico second. Knowing this, you are mildly disturbed because there have been times when you’ve passed his apartment on your way to the laundry room that you’ve heard, presumably his woman, girlfriend, bitch, ho, skank, what ever her title maybe, yelling “you don’t love me enough . . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . . .  you don’t fuck me like you use to . . . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and it is followed by a dinner plate smashing against the wall.

Knowing that he’s a high powered explosives maker and he allows an emotionally unstable woman into his place, you can’t force him to leave because . .  .. well . . . . that’s . . . . force. And we know how you Libertarians hate “force.” You can’t force him to buy insurance because well that’s force, but you are imposing a market regulation on him and we all know how you Libertarians hate market regulations. You can’t go to the government, because you guys hate the government and don’t see the need for a government. In fact in Lib-topia, the government is practically nonexistent. You can’t go to the landlord, because the landlord is fine and dandy with having a high powered explosives maker in their building. And the landlord cannot break their end of the contract, because in Lib-topia breaking a contractual agreement is a mortal SIN!!!!!

So what do you do?

Do you:

1) Move out

2) Go on about your life and try to forget about the fact that your building could disappear in a pico second;

3) Confront the man explaining your concerns and know that you can’t use force to change his ways;

4) Alert the other neighbors about him and kind-of-sort-of bend your principles and make his life difficult (eg. mess with his electricity, turn off his water, etc.)

5) Suspend your principles, lay in wait outside his apartment, shoot him dead when he exists his place, and re animate your principles when you return to your apartment?

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