The True Story Behind the Virgin Mary

As many know, the Virgin Mary story is a story about a girl who becomes pregnant without having sex. This is a quite a fantastic story. Although many believe she was literally impregnated by God, a supernatural being, but the reality of the story is that it’s about a wife who cheats on her husband who engages in paternity fraud. And Joseph was the cuckold being forced to raise a child that clearly isn’t his and he has to stay married to a cheating whore of a wife. If he believed her story, then not only was he a cuckold, he was a moron.

Now when did she get pregnant?

It wouldn’t surprise me that she was out in the olive fields saw a hot sexy studly Roman solider who had blue balls. She wanted him. He wanted her. They start to make out. She says, “Just put the tip in.” A minute later he’s balls deep. Another minute later he’s long dicking her. 2 minutes later he’s emptying his balls into her. She thought, “Shit! Now what am I going to do. Oh my husband isn’t too bright, I will tell him I impregnated by God. Yes that will get me off the hook.”

So there you go. That’s the true story behind the Virgin Mary. There was no supernatural deity going around doing some random dude’s wife. No, it was just a girl cheating on her dumb cuckold husband forcing him to raise another man’s child as his own.

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