Is Reproduction Truly the Main Human Motivation?

It’s quite common to hear from online quasi-intellectuals that people’s primary and only motivation is reproduction. Everything one does is for reproduction so they claim.

Are you watching a sports game?

You’re not watching that sports game because of enjoyment. No, you are watching that sports game because you are trying to get the best woman.

Are you a girl wearing elevator shows, then you are trying to get that hot alpha studly male with the 43″ cock.

Are you a man who lifts weight? You aren’t lifting those weights to maintain a healthy body weight, no you are doing it to get that chick with a perfect hour glass shape with the double D tits.

I’ve been a listener of Stefan Molyneux for some time and it’s quite a common refrain from him and others when discussing human motivation to claim that everything we do is so that men can fuck and women can obtain resources. This claim is preposterous and narrow minded.

The claim is preposterous because if everything humans do is for reproduction then no man or woman would dread the following four words: I missed my period. In fact if human motivation was strictly for reproduction then a woman missing her period would be met with celebration, back flips, somersaults, and other jubilation. But we don’t see such. Instead many experience dread when a woman misses her period. Men upon hearing the news immediately think, “Shit I should have cummed on her face.” Women think, “Shit, I should have swallowed.”

How do hobbies factor into this equation? Men and women derive enjoyment from hobbies. Some even go so far as to derive enjoyment from their occupation. Whether it’s the joy of a hobby or their employment, if someone looks forward to their activity, how does their enjoyment equate to wanting to reproduce? If human motivation is strictly or primarily for reproduction, then how about when someone walks their dog? Or changes the oil in their car? Or how about reading a book for the sake of pleasure? At this point, one can and should be able to see how utterly ridiculous it is to say that the primary or sole human motivation is reproduction.

To conclude, what about the men who don’t give a shit about reproducing? The men who would rather work on their lives and just ignore females? If reproduction is the sole and/or primary human motivation, then they shouldn’t be able to ignore women. This alleged motivation should be so strong that they have ZERO control over their behavior.

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