RE: Bachelor Nation: 70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married

Barbara Hollingsworth from wrote Bachelor Nation: 70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married where she attempts to describe why men aren’t marrying and some possible reasons why they are avoiding marriage and to some degree as to why men are avoiding women.

Hollingsworth’s article is an all too common attempt by bloggers and media to pin the blame on birth decline, marriage, families, etc. on men. They might hint that it might not completely men’s fault for the decline in marriage, which Hollingsworth does. But like her article and many other authors, they completely ignore the negative impact American women have had on the decline of families, birth rates, and marriages. This omission creates an impression in uninformed readers that women played no part in the decline and this decline is caused mostly or entirely by men.

Unfortunately the comment section is closed, I’m guessing either Hollingsworth or doesn’t want to hear or got tired of the reasons as to why men aren’t getting involved with American women.

About 15 years ago I made the conscience decision to avoid any romantic involvement with American women. And it’s been a wise decision. Since then, I’ve mostly dated East Asian women and things have been great. I’ve had almost every type of relationship with East Asian women, one night stands, weekend girlfriends, week long girlfriends, sex friends, girlfriends. . . . . every type of relationship except for marriage.

The overarching reason I tire of and avoid American women, is that they live in a culture that doesn’t impose any discipline on females. From birth to death, American females lack discipline. Which includes emotional discipline, financial discipline, social discipline, intellectual discipline, etc. I’ve blogged about a Chinese girlfriend who, as an example, wanted an ornate Chinese rug, but she couldn’t afford it. So over the course of a year she saved money and purchased it when she had the funds. To find an American woman who is financially disciplined is unheard of. Additionally, this same girlfriend had profusely apologized to me for a week for something that I don’t even recall as to what she was apologizing for. And she didn’t do that all too typical American woman routine that if an American woman is wrong she gives more sex. My gf and I had our regular amount of sex.

The three aspects described in the above paragraph, financial discipline, the ability to apologize and not whore herself out through sex, was all too common among Chinese, Korean, and Japanese women I’ve been with. There are more aspects to these women I can detail, but they will get a blog post of their own.

Another aspect of how we live in a society that doesn’t discipline females, on the oft chance I need to go to a large box store, if I hear a baby cry, it’s more than likely baby girl. Baby boys and male toddlers are all too often given a whack when they step out of line. I’ve seen it too often that baby girls and female toddlers are given toys or cooed to calm them down. It’s painfully obvious that a female who starts off life and goes through life knowing that all she has to do is cry like a brat to get what she wants is someone who is going to be a failure when she reaches adulthood.

There are far more reasons I can give as to why men don’t want anything to do with American women, but I will end with this: If one were to list all the labor laws favoring women, one would quickly realize there is significant imbalance. And the labor laws that give men a leg up . . . . . they don’t exist. Because of this legal imbalance, women are routinely given job protection and favors simply for lacking the Y chromosome. When society has a class of people who are undisciplined and given preferential treatment based on what they are born with, we as a society end up with a class of people who are vapid narcissists with unrealistic expectations.

With all that said, and American women wonder why men don’t want anything to do with them.



Bachelor Nation: 70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married

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