Why I don’t Date American Women Anymore

Recently, I’ve had a few conversations with American men about dating foreign women. And contrasting the cultural dating differences between east Asian and American women. Some of these men and boys honestly thought women around the world were the same as American women, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I started dating women in university and I’ve noticed many aspects about American women to be repulsive. Namely, I dated two women where in both cases I called the date quits after the food was served. The first woman was a legal undergrad and the other was a CPA, both of whom were about 23. In the lawyers case, she asked me straight out how much my gross weekly income was. And in the CPA’s case, she wanted to know how much I made the prior year. Any self respecting man would get up and leave, which is what I did. PUAs on the other hand would go through their litany of phrases, tricks, and lame Jedi mind tricks to try to get her in bed. I’ve found it best to leave and tell her how much of a whore she is or just ask her how much she charges for a blowjob? Or ask how much full service is?

Another aspect I find repulsive about American women is this lack of financial discipline. I’ve encountered way too many women who just spend money like a drunk sailor. And this is in part from the lack of discipline American parents impose on their daughters. American females from birth to death have way too many people they can tap for money. When a teenage girl fucks up, she can always ask her daddy for money. College females . . . . miss rent because you were out snorting and drinking, no problem, daddy will bail you out. Are you a “grown” American woman who has obscene debt, no problem . . . .just tear up in front of the judge and (s)he will help you out. Are you really fucked, don’t worry, the government will help you out.

In comparison, I dated a Chinese woman for almost 2 years and she wasn’t versatile in mathematics. She had no idea what the compound interest equation, let alone she couldn’t even create the equation. But she had absolute and utter hatred for credit cards. So Mrs. E’s logic on credit cards went something like this:

If honey uses credit card, honey must work more hours.

If honey works more hours, then I won’t see honey as much.

If I can’t see honey as much, then we can’t boom boom boom as much.

If I can’t see honey or boom boom boom as much, then we no longer together.

Therefore credit cards are EVIL.

Credit cards must die!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another example of Mrs. E’s financial discipline was she wanted an expensive ornate Chinese rug and couldn’t buy it outright, so she had to save money for a year before purchasing it. Which she was successful in saving money to purchase that rug.

In another blog post, I will describe in detail the culture differences in dating a Korean, Chinese, and Japanese women, but for now, how often does one encounter an American woman who has any remote financial discipline as described above?

Moving on . . . .

Something else I find abhorrent about American women is their hygiene. This notion of caking on makeup and only bathing once a month is disgusting. All the Korean women I was with, they would take a bath or shower 3 times a day during colder months. And during the hotter months, they would take upwards of 5-6 showers a day. They do this because they don’t wear deodorant, so in lieu of that, they bath a lot. There seems to be this common theme amongst American women’s hygiene that somehow they don’t stink. Or by throwing on more perfume they can cover the stink up. Moreover, I’ve found a common compliant from American women is that they “just don’t have time to bath. I work 7 hours a day. I have to watch TV. I have to Facebook. I have to make shit up so people don’t point out my bullshit.”

Something else that I find disgusting and bizarre about too many American women is that they talk at people and not with people. The difference between the two is that when someone talks at a person, they are giving a monologue, while talking with someone there is a dialogue occurring. When one talks with a person there is a fair exchange of ideas, thoughts, inquiry, etc. It’s so refreshing to have a conversation with a foreigner, I felt as though I was part of the conversation rather where it was common to feel as though I’m just this inanimate object that women would talk at.

My last point about American women, and there are more I could add, is this bizarre notion that women must fear men. There are too many women I’ve encountered who think men are out to get them. Or rape them. Or assault them. Or what ever vile activity. It’s gotten so bad that American women are delusional and paranoid. It also shows how stupid they are. The very fact that they can’t look up basic crime statistics from their local police department or the FBI, tells me they, as said before, are stupid and paranoid. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they derived some type of emotional high from thinking and acting in such a way.

Before closing, I just want to give the usual disclaimer: NOT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Obviously what I outlined doesn’t apply to ALL American women, these are just generalities. And if you are an American woman and what I described doesn’t apply to you . . . . then move on.

I do leave the door open to dating American women, because statistically their has to be some American women who don’t engage in the above described behaviors and thinking. But at the same time, this statistical woman isn’t the majority . . . .  she is the statistical minority.

In closing, for the guys who have experienced what I’ve described, in order to deal with such women, firstly have self respect. If you meet a woman and right off the bat she demands that you buy her a drink, just leave her ass there and move on. If you recall from elementary school, put your best foot forward. If her best foot forward is to demand a drink, then fuck that bitch and leave her in the dust. Don’t waste your time on her. If she chases you afterwards, ditch her. She isn’t worth it.

Until next time.

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