A Motley Crew of Social Media Characters

I’ve been on social media now I guess for 8 years. The one aspect I’ve noticed in myself is how much I’ve come to hate people. Before social media there were only a few groups of people that if they were to disappear, I wouldn’t care. But now that everyone puts all their warts and imperfections online for everyone to see, I’ve now reached the point that if most of humans disappeared I wouldn’t care.

Looking over the remaining “friends” on Facebook, this is what is left:

The first is a middle school choir teacher from my hometown who only teaches four classes a day, does a lunch duty, has a lunch for himself, and has two open classes where students come in to practice. He picks out all the choir material a week before the school year begins. In addition to all this, he was making $73,000 prior to July 1, 2016, but now that today is July 1, 2016, the start of the new fiscal year, he is now making $76,500/year.  And the whip cream on top is that our hometown has an average household income of $60,000/yr with the average household having 3 incomes. And he doesn’t understand why the locals aren’t happy with teachers. Or why the teachers routinely get criticized, when the teachers salaries, benefits, etc. take up 70% of the local tax income. And the kids coming out of the schools aren’t any smarter than when they entered.

Another misfit is this racist ball-less white knight musician. This dingle berry would automatically defend any black supremacist or anyone who made disparaging remarks against whites. It’s quite common to see people on his FB page make statements to the effect of, “Let’s kill all white people.” And he won’t say anything to them. But if you state factual statements about black Americans, you are automatically a racist Klansman who wants to return America to the 1840s. And his dad is a piece of work. He works as a pastor where he preaches at a few black congregations in Philly. His message most of the time is, “The white man is holding you down, and I can help. Now give me some money.” And the thing is his dad lives well in the Philly Suburbs. The funny thing about this ball-less white knight musician is that he’s a 34 virgin who can’t land himself a girlfriend. And he cries on FB about his lack of a relationship. The females pet him on his head and give empty platitudes to assuage him.

I’ve already described the two broken whores from my home town on this blog. You can read more about these two failures by clicking here. The following people are those that I kicked from my FB.

The next catastrophic failure is someone I call The Ginger Whore, who will get a future blog post describing her crimes against humanity. But the highlights of her crimes are as follow: The Ginger Whore is a crazy drug addicted feminist who is from my hometown neighborhood. Most of us, when we were kids, recognized she was a goofball when we were growing up, but we were under the impression that she would turn normal when she got older . . . . . we were wrong . . . .we were horribly wrong.

The Ginger Whore is a misandrist who is in denial of her hatred of men and males. She would routinely on FB criticize males of all relationships, but if it came to a female she would be supportive of her. So for instance, there was a story about two years ago where a man kept an Excel spreadsheet detailing all of the excuses his wife gave to him when it came to sex. The Ginger Whore castigated this man in the comment section where she went ape shit over this. Calling for his death. But then there was a case from our hometown where a mother murdered her kids. And her response was, “we should be supportive of her. And hopefully she can get the help she needs.” So in her mind a man who records and tracks his wife’s bullshit should be killed, but a mother who kills her kids needs loving support.

How The Ginger Whore reacts to men and women is only the start of it. When she was pregnant, she found out at the beginning of the second trimester that she was carrying a boy, she became depressed, because she didn’t want a boy. So in response to this news, she thought it was a good idea to drink repeatedly throughout her pregnancy. Fast forward to his birth, he weighed 5 lbs and when she posted his birth weight on FB, mothers said that he was low birth weight. So a few hours went by, and she changed his birth weight on FB to 5 1/2 lbs. And mothers chimed in saying that was low birth weight. So by the end of the day she said his birth weight was 5 lbs 14 ozs. (And the hilarity of this was that months later she said on FB that the cause of her kid’s low birth weight was from a multivitamin she claimed to have taken.)

Parents told me that babies lose weight within the first two days following birth, so for this kid to gain 14 ozs or he managed to gain an additional 17.5% of his body weight on his first day is astounding. The last two things I will say about The Ginger Whore’s kid is he has a smooth philtrum, and at 8 months he couldn’t sit up.

The next misfit who isn’t on my FB list anymore is . . . well I will call him The White Knight Racist Guitarist. This motherfucker would white knight women all the time, it was fucking hilarious. If a female and myself were having a disagreement or a conversation about opposing views, he would chime in and white knight for the female in question and regardless of whether she was right or wrong. So if a female said that 7 x 7 = 4,894,657, he would automatically say that she was correct and defend her. Women in private would tell me how they would become repulsed by his white knighting . . . . Translation: Their pussies would dry up when he spoke.

Now I described the first part of the The White Knight Racist Guitarist, here’s a description of the latter half of his title. This mofo would target weak minded black people as a means  to manipulate them to attend his gigs. He would come up with all types of conspiracy theories about how white people are oppressing blacks and how there is this secret cabal that is holding them back. And only he knows how they feel and he can help them. This shit was getting so ridiculous that others and myself called him out. And it was later confirmed that he is a narcissist . . . . a real narcissist. And some of the tell tale signs of his narcissism was that he had no respect for people’s boundaries, that he couldn’t admit or even acknowledge his actions, for instance he could slash someone’s tires, someone show him a video of him slashing the tires, and he would be in complete denial of it all. And he made others and I out to be the enemy for pointing out his bullshit.

My initial reaction to many of these characters was to laugh and stare in disbelief. But after awhile, it is no longer funny. It’s disappointing that these are the people that our society has, especially in the case of the choir teacher who has a massive influence over students and The Ginger Whore who is fucking her own kid for being born the wrong sex. In the end, social media has laid bare all the disgusting people society contains. And this nakedness is repulsive. A means I use to dealing with society’s sludge is to primarily write satire using their nonsense as a source material. Another means of dealing with them is to either troll them or be a poe. Trying to convert these people is pointless. Many of them are broken. Or are too far gone to even make a dent in their thinking.

Until next time.

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