The Radical Changes to my Home Town

My home town is funny, when I was growing up, it is divided by a major highway. The north side was mostly white collar consisting of accountants, office workers, lawyers, and the like. While on the south side, where I grew up, were blue collar workers, plumbers, carpenters, home electricians. etc. Despite the economic differences between each side, there really wasn’t much difference in terms of people’s thinking. Many people would base their lives on reality and methods that work, not how it is today.

Fast forward to today, when I talk to people from my hometown or on occasion visit the high school alumni page for my class year and talk to other people, it’s mind boggling how so many of them are inept. And just have weird views of how society should be run. Over the last 16 years or so, my home town has changed drastically. Growing up there were no half-way houses. Now there are 160. Also, single motherhood was scoffed at. If you were a teenage girl and became a mother, it was usually a sign that you came from a dysfunctional home. And the three or so girls that I recall who got pregnant while in school were poor, stupid, and came from broken homes. But today, I see a decent amount of my female HS alumni are single mothers. And they naively believe they can raise their kids all by themselves.

Recently, I posted on this blog about two females that I went to school with. The one got pregnant by a 16 year old boy and she was 27, which means that she was more than likely fooling around with him when he was 15. And then my other HS alumni thought it was a bright idea to get married to a real life criminal, have 3 kids with him, and then try to track him down for child support. Oh, and she thought it was a great idea to post his criminal record on her FB page, not realizing by doing so how it would make her look.

Returning to the ineptitude of many people from home town. Many of my HS alumni still live in my hometown. But I notice from time to time this cheer leading they do on FB in support of the town. They try telling themselves how wonderful the hometown is and try so desperately to use “evidence” to support their claims. I believe they know our home town is horrible and are in denial.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that extreme liberalism has taken hold. Before the town was all over the place political. It changed from election year to election year. But from the ones that I’ve spoken to, they honestly believe that if the government would throw more money at the poor, single mothers, degenerates, and the like that some how these problems will disappear. These problems won’t disappear but throwing more money at them. Also, if you use facts, evidence, historical examples, or holy jumping shit balls disagree with Saint Obama you are a racist sexist misogynist inbred who wants to return this country back to the 1950s.

Lastly, one of the biggest glaring problems that I’ve notice is the local government . . . in particular the school district. I recently checked teacher’s salaries and they have kindergarten teachers who started 2 years ago making $70,000/yr. And many of the teacher salaries are averaging in $90,000/yr. That’s a lot for a poor town. According to the data from the local government, the average household income consists of 3 incomes and the combined total household income is $44,000/yr. So the person average income is $44k/3 incomes = $14,667. Additionally, my home town has the second highest combined tax rates. The combined tax rate include local, school, and county taxes. And the average annual tax for each home is $4000-$5000 per house.

I will end here and post more stories about my home town in the near future.

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