White Knights, where art thou?

I lived and worked in Philly for well over a decade. During that time, I witnessed and learned a lot about how people act and react. Before addressing the crux of this blog post, I want to take a detour.

On the net, it’s not uncommon to come across a weak male who will defend a female at any and all costs. Pejoratively, they are known as white knights. It’s been my experience that white knights, both in real life and online, are weak pathetic males who have little to no experience with females or people in general. Moreover, they have these bizarre delusions as to how they think the world works versus how it really works. Their delusions could be an analysis for a doctoral dissertation.

Now returning to the crux of this blog post. I witnessed two incidents where a woman was knocked to the ground for being an unruly cunt. And no one came to her aid. The first incident happened at Chris’ Jazz Cafe in the late 90s. I was sitting at a booth with college friends, in front of us was another booth with a group of men talking amongst themselves, and across from both booths was a small group of females who were loud and obnoxious. The loudest of them of all was . . . . well . . . to say she was drunk is an understatement. . . . FUBAR is a more apt description.

For whatever reason, she got the bright idea to take a pitcher of beer and poor it all over one of the guys sitting in the booth in front of my friends and I. After wiping some of the beer from his head and face, he stood up and punched her. She fell to the ground and on her way down, her head said hello to a chair. And no one came to her defense, in fact the girls came to help clean up the beer off this guy while she was on the floor. In the end, both parties left the cafe.

Fast forward about 9 years. I finished work late at night. And outside of Roy’s there were a few people standing outside. As I approached them, I could see a female, presumably a girlfriend of one of the guys, getting a little punchy and hit a man in the face. He slapped her across the face and she hit the pavement. After seeing that I walked out into the street around them to avoid all that noise.

When I got to the corner, I looked back and no one came to help her. And the man wasn’t  attacked for defending himself. The confrontation was over.

So I have to ask, where are these white knights that supposedly would defend any woman regardless if she was in the wrong? From what I’ve seen in real life is that if a woman is clearly in the wrong, no one is going to defend her sorry ass. I also can’t help but think that white knights are reserved mostly to the Internet, because as stated before they are weak pathetic males who have bizarre delusions.

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