Radhika Sanghani and her Insanity

On July 24, 2015 Radhika Sanghani posted her article “Air conditioning in your office is sexist. True story,” which was her inane attempt to somehow prove that air conditioning is a tool of the Patriarchy and the AC is oppressing women. She later featured on Sky News on August 4, 2015 promoting her nonsense, which I have to wonder if there was anyone at Sky News who vetted her.

She fails to understand a few things about working in an office. Firstly, the air conditioning is there to make working in an office more bearable for its workers, but it’s also there to keep equipment cool. For instance, PCs, fluorescent lights, printers, et al put out heat, which is great during the winter months for workers, but not good during the summer months.

In addition to her failure to understand why offices use AC, she also fails to understand that women have a wide range to wear what they want. When I worked at an accounting firm, us men could only wear black slacks, white button down shirt, either half or long sleeve, tie, and either dress shoes or penny loafers. Women on the other hand could wear slacks, skirts, dresses, blouses, dress shoes, pumps, flats, high heels, mini skirts, etc. And on Casual Fridays, “casual” only applied to women. The women could wear jeans, colored pull over shirts, boots, etc. And on Mondays, if the city’s football team were playing that night, the women could and would wear football jerseys.

And keep in mind this was a major accounting firm that would service customers like Walmart, the US government, etc.

In the end, I would love to see Radhika Sanghani work in a steel, glass, or tile mill and get back to me about the working conditions and the heat in those places. She is just a self centered tumbleresque narcissist who only thinks about herself. If this is the best journalism she can provide, then she doesn’t have a future.

Air conditioning in your office is sexist. True story


Sky News Broadcast

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