A Real Life Account of Two Broken Whores

Broken Whore #1

She’s 35.
Her Son is 8.
The father of her son is 24.

He couldn’t pay child support.
She had his ass thrown in jail for not being able to pay child support.
She was never sent to jail.

If you are asking why she wasn’t sent to jail, just do the math.

If the sexes were reversed, he would be in jail for statutory rape.

Broken Whore #2

She got involved with a real life criminal.
He is ten years older than she.
He’s be in out of jail since he was 16.
They got married.
He continued criminal ways while they were married.
His criminal record includes breaking and entering, robbery, battery, drug possession, and more.
They have three kids.
She likes to whine on Facebook about how she’s a “victim” and now a “survivor.”

You maybe asking how I know about his criminal record, well she has his record posted on her Facebook page with the attached statement of, “he has a warrant out for his arrest for not paying child support.”

I know of these two broken whores because we went to school together.

I told broken whore #2 that she “isn’t a victim. You choose to lay down and let a criminal inseminate you. Moreover, you are incredibly selfish. Your two daughters are going to grow to up to be man haters or have problems with choosing the right men. And your son is going to be a white knight. I’m sure you tell and have told your kids that their mom is innocent and that their dad is the bad guy.”

In the end, these kids will grow up to be mentally fucked, I doubt there will be much hope in fixing them. Also, I’ve seen adult children who’ve had similar mothers, yet blame their fathers for the person they are, but don’t hold their mothers accountable since their mothers were the ones that made the choice to get pregnant by these two legged cockroaches. Instead they make their mothers out to be an angel.

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