MRM & the Art of Activism

Through much of my experience on the internet, feuds and flame wars are bound to happen. At times people say and do things that they regret, but at other times this has gone beyond just Internet banter and into real life. For instance, I’ve personally witnessed this with creationists, the Ron Paul crowd, and most recently with feminists. With the last group, they have recently gone so far as to lie claiming that Michael Shermer is a raging rapist on Free From Thought Blogs. And feminists and white knights interrupted various men’s conferences, two of the most popular of these disruptions occurred in Toronto. Moreover, Adria Richards maligned and slandered two men for one instance stating, “My Dongle is Bigger.” And then claiming that went on to make further sexual jokes, which it turned out to be that she was the one who intentionally and with malicious intent took one man’s statement and then claimed it was sexual, yet they were using commonly accepted industry jargon. More on Adria later.

But there are two common ideas that are thrown around when two people or groups are facing off. Firstly, both sides will automatically claim themselves as the “good” guys. Secondly, it’s quite common that one side will use faulty evidence and/or lies to demonize the other side in order to justify their actions or impending actions. Moreover, it is quite common for the “good” guys to claim that they have the moral high ground.

And when one claims that they have the “moral high ground,” that they will further exclaim that “We just want them to respect our freedom of speech, our views, yada yada yada yada . . . ”  As of late, I’ve heard these reasons promoted by MRAs, yet those that make such claims don’t truly understand the nature and path of conflict. What they fail to realize is that these feminists who engage in such tactics as doc dropping, shaming tactics, whisper campaigns, black mailings, and more is that they already view you, yes YOU, as the enemy.

They have already demonized you.
They have already have dehumanized you.
They have already label you as the “other.”
They have already labeled you as “scum.”
They do not care about you.
They do not care about your feelings, thoughts, or ideas.
You are nothing to them!

Whether you realize or not, they have already put you in the position as being an enemy. And they already put you in the position of us vs. them. There is no gray area with feminists. One can make orations and comments trying to convince them of their wrong point of view. But in reality, you might convince the fence sitters, but the ones who are harden and ready to attack in a heart beat, forget the idea of changing them or their views. They are the modern day Stonewalls. When first encountering an unknown feminist, it is wise to appear non-hostile at first, until it’s time to be hostile. With all that side, one needs to understand this can transfer to real life activism.

What can one do against feminists organizations?

There are several things one can do to tackle feminist organizations. Many of these feminist organizations have charitable or non-profit status. Because of this they have to make their 990 tax return publicly available to anyone and everyone as a condition of not paying taxes. By law they cannot delay in making these returns available when requested, they don’t have to provide copies of them. But they do have to make it available for one to read through and copy on their own terms. An easy method, if one has to go to their offices to copy the returns, is to print out a copy of the 990 from the IRS and filling in the data by hand. The other option is one can go to and download any charitable organization’s 990. Guide Star makes it free to read and download these returns.

So what can one do with this information?

Easy. On these information tax returns, it shows the financial strength of the organization. Moreover, it shows who are the big donors and how much is donated to an organization. With this information is in hand, at this point people can then begin putting pressure on donors to stop donating. Also, one can being a media campaign exposing how these organizations are promoting hate, lies, and outright thievery of their donors. In an upcoming blog post, it will be discussed how some of the larger feminists organizations have been collecting large sums of donations and continue to hoard the money in their bank accounts or engage in gambling, (eg. trading on Wall Street). And not focusing on their stated purpose(s).

What else can be done?

Another tactic one and others can do is to boycott any conference hall or hotel that is hosting a feminist conference. Let these venues know that you are boycotting them, it’s imperative. Moreover, let them know that you will be taking your issue to the media. Lets be honest here, business hate bad press. The last thing any business wants is to have their name associated with such concepts as “hate,” “bigotry,” “misandry” or more. And in our time, the Internet is a massive archive and businesses are working hard to make sure their name isn’t associated with negative and where anyone can find their past actions on the Internet. Could one imagine if the following headlines were to appear, “Hilton Hotel Supports Male Extermination.” They would be doing everything possible to prevent such bad press and the most easiest way for a company to prevent such headlines is to cancel the convention that is being hosted on their property. For those that want to use this particular tactic, one will need to get in touch with one or more of the following job titles, these include manager, property manager, room rentals, or any other person who is responsible for renting their halls or convention rooms. In addition to this, one needs to organize those with similar views to call the receptionist informing them they are boycotting their hotel until the feminist convention is canceled. In terms of good etiquette, it would be wise to notify the hotel or convention hall, once they cancel the convention, to congratulate them and thank them for denouncing hate. As a movement grows, it is imperative to maintain good relationships with those that helped them.

Using Adria as an Example

As many know by now, Adria Richards took a photograph of two men at the Pycon convention and then tweeted the photograph to Internet with statement saying, “sexual jokes are not cool at a conference.” She then went on to defend her actions as being reasonable and went into hero mode claiming that she was Joan of Arc defending the women of “these evil men.” The two men, because of her actions, were fired from their jobs and Adria was fired a few days later. Adria is a person that is clearly narcissistic and/or has messianic views of herself. Her actions are clearly disturbing. Because of this, the MRM et al should make it known that any company that hires her can expect that following:

1) to see your client base shrink
2) that everyone in the industry will know that they support a racist gynocentric whack job
3) to see your profits dwindle
4) to see your company’s tarnishment etched into the Internet archives


In the end, for the MRM to have any remote chance of success as a movement, they will need to organize and function like a military. In that they will have to strategize. They will have to work in smaller groups all the while supporting other groups. And they will have to be mercilessly against those that already have demonized and dehumanized them.

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield


  1. Bravo and well said, especially the last paragraph.

    I pushed the like button but couldn’t tell if it registered or not.

    I gave it 5 stars because you kept it pithy and on point. It wouldn’t have bothered me if you would have gone EVEN FURTHER about how feminists love to point out inequality, unfairness, etc. only when they are allowed to define inequality or unfairness on their terms ONLY. (hypocrites)

    Anyone expressing a different narrative will be shamed, ridiculed or labeled a misogynist or worse.

    Feminists spew gender hatred and act as if they are the ONLY ones being brutalized.


  2. […] the article MRM and the Art of Activism, I described many of the attitudes the MRAs would encounter from their opponents. Namely, feminists […]


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