Philadelphia: Students are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It has come to my attention that St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, located in Philadelphia will now begin doing random drug testing of their students, but not of the teachers and administrators. This is disturbing to say the least. St. Joesph’s program is to randomly test 20 students every month as reported by Oren Liebermann of CBS3 Philadelphia, link below.

It was not reported by Liebermann, because he’s a wonderful journalist, as to what evidence or criteria the school used to design and implement this drug program. Furthermore, because of Liebermann’s wonderful reporting, it was not disclosed as to whether the teachers and administrators will be subjected to the same requirements as students. Why didn’t Liebermann report this? Does he not know how to form a question? Does he not know how to do basic investigative journalism? And if one were to read Liebermann’s article one will see that the people who are presented in favor of the program are two administrators, Principal Jason Zazyczny and Bill Gillespie, Mayor Michael Nutter, and Maggie Soboloski, a parent who doesn’t care about civil rights. And the one person not in favor of the program is Tom Coar a senior student. As one can see, Liebermann is in favor of presenting a balanced view on the issue by using four people in favor and one who is not in favor. Does anyone care to know what type of “journalism” Liebermann is engaging in?

Liebermann goes on to state that, “But parents support the program, and the effort to help kids in need.” How does he know “parents support the program?” Did he conduct a survey of the parents? Did he or others hold a public hearing to determine if “parents support the program?” According to the Wikipedia entry for St. Joseph’s Prep School there are 931 enrolled students so presumably there are 1,862 parents. I’m sure Oren contacted at least 1/2 of the parents to determine if they were in favor of the program?

Moving away from Liebermann’s wonderful and fantastic job of reporting on this issue, lets turn our attention as to why this is a miserable step St. Joseph’s is taking. The path that the school is going down is disturbing as said before for several reasons. The program that St. Joseph’s Prep School is implementing continues a trend started immediately after 9/11 where first it was allowed by governments, then corporations, and now at the school level, for administrations to engage in preemptive attacks without clear and convincing evidence for their actions. Clearly, St. Joseph’s Prep School views its students as criminals, because why else would one want to randomly drug test people? Which they state their motivation to do such is “to help students,” which anyone familiar with doublespeak can see through their stated reasons versus their real reasons. In addition to this, the school obviously views its students as guilty until proven innocent simply by declaring that they need to drug test their students. Then there is the other question: Where is the school getting its resources to perform these random drug tests? Do students have to pay for it? If not and the school is paying for it, could not its resources be better used to help educate students or perhaps improve the school?

In the end, if we as a society are going to restore civil liberties then we as a society need to respect and honor the civil rights of others. And to the parents who rationalize that this program will help students. And to the parents who don’t see this as violation of your children’s civil rights. And to the parents who would rather someone else raise their kids and not they. To all those parents, you are not parents. You are lazy cowardly quasi parents that do not deserve respect as a parent or human being.

And finally . . .

No corporation can enforce its will at the expense of violating people’s civil rights in the name of property rights.
No school can enforce its will at the expense of violating its students civil rights in the name of “helping students.”
No government can violate the civil rights of people in the name of safety and security.

Sincerely yours,

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

St. Joesph’s Preparatory School

Philadelphia School To Begin Randomly Drug Testing Students


  1. Most excellent. I really appreciated your sarcasm, use of hyperbole & most of all your passion toward the end.

    If MRAs locally (more than just you) would put this kind of pressure on local TV stations & newspaper editors it would have more effect that a 100 videos by Elam, stardusk or Barbaroosaaa.


  2. […] years ago, I blogged about a Philadelphia school now requiring random drug testing of their students. At the end of the article, I […]


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