Zero Privacy on Purchases

You may recall from four  months ago I emailed about the Supreme Court ruling in Florence vs. Burlington Co, NJ. which allows pigs to perform unlimited strip searches for the smallest of crimes such as running a red light or stop sign. Which, as one may recall in the above mentioned email,

“Albert Florence of NJ was riding as a passenger, when the vehicle was pulled over. The pigs then searched the state database found an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation, he was then detained and stripped searched at two different jails. All the while he protested saying that the fine had been paid for and he provided paperwork at the original stop showing that it had been paid. The pigs ignored all of this until a week went by where they did find out he did pay his fine.”

 Now, in a unanimous ruling,  the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on August 6, 2012 has taken search and seizure one step forward. The police at all levels are free to obtain anyone’s credit card information, banking information, electricity consumption, phone numbers, and all other utility information without a warrant. How it now stands, a pig can flash their badge, demand certain information, and the company has to comply. Prior to this ruling, pigs needed a warrant. Today, a low frequency pig can demand any information without a warrant. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave the pigs this new authority based on the following reasoning that, on page 13 paragraph 13 of the below PDF link, “customers don’t expect to have any sense of privacy when dealing with a business,” my paraphrase.

So next time you use your utility services, write a check, make a deposit, purchase a candy bar at a 7-11, your purchasing history is now widely available to any government agency to see what you are doing.

I would like to direct the following to a certain demographic. This demographic are those that say, “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” If you are someone that says and/or believes this statement, then I have a small request for you. That is, send me the following:

1) all your social media and email login information

2) social security number

3) all credit card information (card numbers, pins, etc.) and any other debt information

4) name of your bank, checking/savings account number and routing number

5) send me all of your dental and medical records

6) all your car information (insurance, model numbers, etc.)

7) mail a copy of all the keys to your house, car, lockers, pad locks, combination numbers, storage rooms, et al.

8) journals, diaries, emails, blogs, list of Internet comments, etc.

9) a list of books, DVDs, CDs, games, and all other media in your possession

10) send me all of your sexual information with supporting video recordings (eg. sexual positions, sexuality, style, list of sex toys, frequency, number of partners, etc.)

11) send all information that was not listed above

 If you have nothing to hide, then you will have absolutely no problem handing this information over to me. In fact since you have nothing to hide, you will hand this information over to me with a big fat smile with a big red ribbon around your neck.  🙂

Have an awesome day.


The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

“Court Grants Feds Warrantless Access to Utility Records”


USA vs. Golden Valley Electrical Asso.


“Strip-Searching America: Florence v. County of Burlington”

 Florence vs. Burlington Co, NJ – SCOTUS

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