Securing Freedom

Well it looks as though the world around us is changing. Will we see more security measures to keep us safe from those that are trying to attack America, you know that country that is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere. So what are some possible trends to keep freedom secure?

I propose that we will see the following security measures begin to crop up:

* x-ray scanners at concert events

* X-ray scanners at sporting events

* x-ray scanners at theaters and cinemas

* x-ray scanners at toll booths

* x-ray scanners on the highways, both real and perceived to be real scanners

* x-ray scanners at all government offices

* x-ray scanners at public schools

* x-ray scanners at colleges & universities

* x-ray scanners at jobs

* x-ray scanners at apartment buildings and closed residential communities

* x-ray scanners at public transportation

In other security measures, we will more than likely see an increase in the following activities, which ultimately become the norm:

* Police officers at routine traffic stops will taser drivers and passengers as a preventive measure to keep the driver and passengers safe from one another.

* Police officers will do routine house inspections, to make sure you are safe.

* Mortgage lenders and/or banks will also do routine inspection of your house, to make sure there is nothing in their . . . err . . . your house that is not agreeable to them.

* Police will do one-on-one interviews with people to gauge if their friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family are showing signs of challenging freedom’s security.

* The military will do routine exercises in communities.

* The military will do minor domestic occupations.

* The military will engage in a PR campaign showing our “enemy” doing harm.

* Spy drones will be employed at all major cities

* In schools it will become increasingly common to subject students to a body cavity search in order to keep freedom protected.

* Houses will be equipped with computerized security alarms that will log such data as egress, ingress, heat, sound, infrared, etc.

As a result of these security measures we will see economic and health side effects from these measures.

* Mass paranoia comes first to mind.

* Distrust of EVERYONE is another side effect of this heightened security.

* People will escape into their minds forming false realities.

* Higher instances of cancer will occur.

* Those in the security industry will have secure and stable jobs.

* The government and corporations will issue contracts and RFPs.

Moreover, in an attempt to keep freedom secure, the “list” will become a powerful tool in keeping freedom secure. Those who are on the “list” will have varying degrees of their civil liberties restricted. Many will be on multiple lists, refining their civil liberties ever so small.

And finally, people will become more involved in their local communities. Many people will begin to know their neighbors in so many ways. Neighbors will have duplicate data emailed to them from your home security system. Your bookmarks and web traffic will also be emailed to your neighbors. Oh, and don’t forget if you request a catalog from a company, your neighbors will get a copy with your name on it.

There ya go America. Here are many ways of keeping your freedoms secure. Have a bright wonderful fabulous cheery day. 🙂

– The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

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