The Language of Mass Murder

The aftermath of many of these mass shootings is dark entertainment. It shows how sociopathic and narrow minded our country is. Foremost, every time a shooting happens it gives those with an agenda to use it as a vehicle to promote their nonsense.

Firstly, it is hypocritical that Obama appeared on TV crying about the children’s deaths, yet does anyone see the hypocrisy in that he alone has issued more drone strikes throughout Asia and the Middle East and other military attacks on children in his Libyan war?

And my favorite line from politicians is, “we are concerned about Americans.” Really? You guys are concerned about Americans? If that was true you would  drag these bankers into court, try them, and sentence them to death. If they were concerned about Americans they would reduced the military budget. If they were concerned about Americans they would see to it that our infrastructure would at least get a B+ and not the current F and D-. If they cared about Americans, New Orleans and New Jersey would be back to normal. And the funny part about the politicians is that they think people  are paying attention to them en masse for the supposeded help they are going to provide. They aren’t. People are laughing at how narcissistic they are.

And then we come to my other favorite group of people, political pundits. These congenital defective inbreeds, you have the Left screaming, “BAN THE GUNS! BAN THE GUNS!” And then their moronic counterparts on the Right, “ARM EVERYONE! ARM EVERYONE!” The Left is stupid, banning guns or even restricting them even more then are now won’t change the fact that some nutcase gets hold of a weapon and kills people. And this shooting in Newtown, CT illustrates that. The man didn’t buy his guns, he permanently borrowed them from his mother.

Turning our attention to the nutcases on the Right, arming everyone isn’t the solution either. If you arm people who scared to death about EVERYTHING and then you, the political pundit, promote fear, then it won’t be long before people start shooting at random. For instance, how long will it be before we see the following headline, “Woman shoots and kills her shadow, faces 5 years in jail.”

Now the next group of people I’m still waiting to hear from are the numbskulls who say, “oooohhhh, it’s those video games, or that music, yeah, it’s the music, that evil music that made that boy kill them kids.” And do I really need to explain how off the mark these band of misfits are?

And then it wasn’t long before the feminists and white knights started claiming that, “ohhhh, it’s because they are men, that’s why they kill people. It’s because they have testosterone.” And every time a white knight and/or feminists comes up some bullshit idea, I play a pseudo-lottery game with myself wondering who can create more nonsensical conspiracy theories: The Feminists or the assholes in Jonestown, TX?

But what I have yet to see in the media is how broken our culture is. Or the fact that in our wonderful culture (that was sarcasm), how we as a society push people who are smart and creative to the outer fringes. Today we look down upon smart and creative people as being perverse and as something wrong with them, yet don’t realize there is something wrong with the people condemning them for being the way they are.

OR the fact that we live in a society where the legal and just-us system is an abject failure.
OR the fact that we live in a society where when kids behave different than others that it’s easier to drug them instead of teaching them ways to control themselves.
OR the fact that we live in a society that we are constantly propagandize.
OR the fact that we live in society where it’s easy for  snake oil salesmen to sell political nonsense like The Paulites, The Randian Regressives, The Obama Cult, The Right, The Left, The Liebertarians, The Feminists, The White Knights, The Neo-Confederates, The Scientologists, The Mormons, The Demoncrats, The Republictards, The Police State Nuts, The Doom Sayer Porn Stars, and the list goes on and on and on . . .

And the last issue, the lame stream media hasn’t talked about, perhaps because there isn’t enough info as of yet, but what was the relationship like between the mother and son?

In the end, the society is so far broken that from my point of view, I don’t even think it can be fixed with the exception of starting over. Kind of like when a computer acts goofy and the solution is to erase the hard drive and start over.

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

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