Birthers – Time for an Abortion

Dear Friends, Pot Smokers, Acid Trippers, Tokers, Bong Sniffers, and Sensual Korean Porn Stars,

A link was sent to me today, when surfing their web page, I noticed in the comment section people still asking to see the president’s birth certificate. The man’s term is almost over and people still want to see his birth certificate because many of them believe that he is a closeted Kenyan Marxist muslim.  Lets say he is a closeted Kenyan Marxist muslim, yet they want to chase after minor issues instead of looking at facts. And facts are holy water to a Birther. So lets look at the facts.

He signed into law the second bailout in 2009.
He allowed Chrysler to go into bankruptcy and not have to pay back their bailout.
He did nothing to stop the BP disaster.
He signed into law that it is okay for the military to detain Americans indefinitely.
He signed into law saying that America is the new battlefield.
He signed into law allowing the military to engage in police action in America.
He assassinated an American without due process, thus cheapening American citizenship.
He refused to bring bankers to justice.
He furthered the unholy matrimony of state and corporatism when he made it law that people now have to purchase medical insurance, instead of just lowering the medicare age.
He kept Gitmo open and now wants to franchise it.
He kept torture centers open in Cairo, Mogadishu, and elsewhere.
He provided no support to rebuild the areas effected by last year’s tornadoes, which at this time of writing, they still are destroyed.

And to end this if the Birthers want to criticize his administration, that’s fine. But at least use something substantial. As an aside, if the president is someone who truly wasn’t born in America, how hard would have it been for him to call the Hawaiian government up and say, “Hey Hawaii send over one of your blank birth certificates.” And even if the Hawaiian government refused, how hard would it have been to get one of his lackeys to hack their computer system to take a copy?

Birthers . . .. they’re in dire need of an abortion.

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

*Originally Posted on May 29, 2012

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