Mammon’s Altar – Let’s Lease the States!!!!!

Here’s another eCONomic idea to help improve the American economy. Many of you thought my idea on developing secure gated communities for the unemployed was a great idea, well I have another one for you.

How about the United States lease various states to foreign countries for their use? The federal government could create a limited licensing program. For instance according to the article “Who Owns Us,” George Bocquet sites that the United States owes China just under $900,000,000,000, which is equivalent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Illinois and Indiana.

Now China’s friend, Japan, is owed a lot of money too. . . . to the tune of $884,000,000,000. This amounts to the GDP of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. Bocquet goes on to list eight other countries and company that the US owes, which to pay such debt would require that the US license out the following states and city:

New Jersey
Washington D.C.
New Hampshire
West Virginia
North Dakota
South Dakota

Overall it would take 23 states’ GDP to pay off the Federal foreign debt.

Now for the licensing structure, it would be a multi tier solution. The expiration of said license would be based on several economic factors that include the amount of debt owed and the currency exchange rate.

The first tier would allowing the creditor nation, for instance China, to have almost unlimited control of Illinois and Indiana, with the understanding that the creditor cannot force the people to leave the state. And they would not be allowed to establish military bases or engage in military activities. In addition to this, the creditor nation could collect on all state revenue. Or impose it’s own economic laws from their mainland. For instance, in China, if the national average weekly income was $73, they could impose such income conditions on the state’s residents. In addition to this, the creditor nation could chose to impose its own laws superseding the existing state, local, and federal laws. Or it could do a combination of imposing some of its national laws and keep some of the existing American laws. It’s up to their kindness. 🙂

The second tier license would include everything from tier one license, but would allow the foreign nation to establish military bases and engage in military exercises, but no military combat. Furthermore, any civilians who are killed, wounded, or experience property destruction would have zero legal recourse. Although one could feasible take on an established well oiled military machine, but what chance does a woodsman have with a .30-06 versus a trained sniper that has a sniper rifle that can drop an elephant driving a Mack truck at 5,000 yards?

Tier three license would give the creditor nation all the perks of the prior two licenses, but they could engage in all out military action against other nations. For instance, if China has beef with Japan, instead of those two countries fighting on their homelands they could engage in wholesale military combat in Illinois and Minnesota. This would be great for both countries. Instead of inflicting damage and maiming people in their mainland countries, said countries could settle their disputes on a faraway land through technological peaceful solutions . .. . . say . . . . a Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

Just think of it as another means to conflict resolution.

And finally the tier four license would allow for nuclear solutions to foreign nations’ differences. Drawing on the example from the prior paragraph, again if Japan and China have beef with each other, they could resort to the nuclear option. Thus, why should they settle their differences on their mainlands, they could easily do it between the states they have effectively bought. Why should the Chinese or Japanese people deal with radiation fallout, long term environmental damage, black and/or yellow rain, or all the other wonderful effects of nuclear warfare? . . . . . let other people deal with it.

Anyway folks, this is another economic solution for our economic problems America is facing. And don’t worry, I have more solutions for our problems . . .. stay tuned.

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

George Bocquet’s “Who Owns Us?”


*This post was originally posted on April 6, 2011

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