RAINN and their Mythical 16.6%

Have you ever heard of this phrase? “1 in 6 women will be raped in her lifetime (or this year).” In fact, if you hang around feminists or their online forums, the phrases gets tossed around like it’s going out of style. And the same goes for the word “misogyny.” Has anyone really investigated this claim? Or perhaps people haven’t really thought about it? Or perhaps people automatically believe what they hear . . . . what they see. Or perhaps there are those that ponder,” that’s a big claim, that can’t be a lie, who would ever make such a bold lie?”

The ridiculousness of this statement equals the same rhetoric that one hears from people claiming that President Obama is a shape shifting lizard alien. Yet the vast majority of people would dismiss such a claim as “conspiracy theory” or that person as a nutcase. Yet if one spouts “1 in 6 women will be raped in their lifetime” somehow that goes unquestioned. There’s no evidence to support such a claim. And what is claimed to be “evidence” is blatant propaganda.

Before going any further, the reader should note that this article does not deal with the methodology that feminists and pro-rape organizations derived their rape statistics, but instead, it is the examination of their end result.

I know in junior high school and in high school, during that infamous time of year in physical education class when it was time to discuss human anatomy (aka, what got passed off as “sex education”) the topic of rape would come up. During my sophomore year, a female teacher made the bold statement that “every second a woman is raped.” Which her statement was then echoed in the introduction when we watched a “Guide to Dating.” Let’s examine that last statement, “a woman is raped every second.” If a woman was raped every second, that means at the end of the year the body count for such equals 31,536,000 women raped. And that claim was made in 1996. In 1996, there were 263,000,000 Americans, so effectively there were 24% of females raped. That’s a lot fucking rape!

To further illustrate the insanity of such a claim, RAINN on their web site, link below, claims that “1 in 6 women will be raped in their lifetime.” I do recall that for awhile RAINN was claiming in their Internet advertisements that “1 in 6 women this year will be raped.” In fact when I was in school working in the computer lab, a student started laughing at that claim, which we all went to their site to see for ourselves. Many, if not all, were laughing at such a claim as “1 in 6 women will be raped this year.”  Is there a difference between these statements in terms of mathematical analysis, yes. Is there a difference in how these statements are perceived, yes.

From the math point of view, the number of “1 in 6” can be viewed in terms of a ratio, fraction, or percentage such as 1:6, 1/6, or 16.6%. If we take the statement of “1 in 6 women this year will be raped,” we can easily surmise that with the current American population of 314 million and calculate for 16.6% it would yield: 26,062,000 females will be raped this year and 26,062,000 males, presumably, are doing the raping. Which the effective yield is 52,124,000 Americans are either doing the raping or getting raped. It would be a to say, that if there were this many people involved in rape, that America would have a true epidemic on their hands. In fact if there was this much rape going on, international news agencies such as Russia Today, PressTV, BBC, France24, Al Jazeera English, et al, would be reporting such stories to no end. Moreover, if such conditions existed, it would be a fair statement that the United Nations would pass resolutions and decrees against the United States for its handling of an epidemic. And China would be raising an eyebrow to our human rights violations.

As stated before there is a mathematical difference between claiming “1 in 6 women this year” versus “1 in 6 in her lifetime.” From a mathematical point of view, if one were to examine the claim of ” 1 in 6 in her life time,” it would imply that over the course of an average female lifespan she will have a 1 in 6 chance of being raped. As stated before “1 in 6” can be expressed as a percentage, fraction, or ratio, which, in this case, it is 16.6%. Assuming a female lives to 65 with a 16.6% change of being raped, she would have a 0.26% chance of being raped every year. And if she lived to 75 she would have a 0.22% of being raped per year. In terms of hard numbers, the American population of 157 million females, 408,200 will be raped according to the “1 in 6 in her lifetime” claim and assuming those females lived to 65.  And for those females that live to 75, the number of rapes would be 345,400 per year. Keep in mind to, this mathematical examination doesn’t take into consideration the common age of rape, which one can more than likely assume that rape would be more common amongst sexual mature females rather than a newborn baby. And the prior statement doesn’t discount that sexual abuse, rape, assault, etc.occur amongst children or the elderly.

The percentages of 0.22% and 0.26% is what RAINN claims WOMEN will experience rape. Yet when one reads the Criminal Victimization of 2010 report from the US Department of Justice, according to Table 1 on page 2, link below, it states that 188,380 rapes AND sexual assaults of Women AND men occurred that year. One may ask, “what is sexual assault?” The general legal definition of sexual assault is if a woman gets her breasts felt up or a man gets kicked in the testicles. Now each state has a slightly different legal definition of sexual assault. Therefore those interested in knowing more should consult their state statues on such. But if one were to factor the percentage of rape and sexual assault for women AND men using Criminal Victimization of 2010 of 188,380 the percentage of women AND men getting raped/sexually assaulted would be 0.06%. With a rape and sexual assault percentage of 0.06% it leaves one to fathom how much of that is sexual assault? How much of that number is rape? How much of those offenses are based on gender, age, etc.? When one compares the percentages that RAINN claims 0.22% and 0.26% with the Dept. of Justice fact based claim of 0.06%, one sees there is a difference of 3.7 and 4.3, respectively.

Although, RAINN, other pro-rape organizations, and feminist will claim “there are unreported rapes.” And then they will proceed to make wild claims about such. Which in another future article, the “unreported rapes” will be discussed. But when it comes to “unreported” any thing many, use metrics that are extremely liberal in their applications.

So why does RAINN and other pro-rape organizations like to use the word “life time” and questionable numbers in their propaganda? Firstly, one needs to examine the phrase “1 in 6 women will be raped in their life time.” There are three aspects to this phrase:

1) “1 in 6 women”
2) “rape”
3) “in their life time”

In order for one to debunk and/or understand their statement and working backwards on the above list it requires that one know the average life expectancy of a woman. It also requires one to know how they are using the word “rape.” The meaning of the word and it’s various abuses that feminists employ of such word. For instance, it is common amongst feminists that if a woman has one glass of wine or a beer and consents to sex, she was raped. Yet if the roles in the prior sentence were reversed between a man and woman, that wouldn’t be considered rape. And finally one need to have some basic math skills in understanding ratios and percentages. When one combines the above mentioned aspects of their claim with a profit motive, one can see they have a vested interest in portraying the world as a dangerous place. But could one imagine if RAINN and others started promoting the notion that PEOPLE have a 99.94% chance of NOT getting raped or PEOPLE have a 99.94% chance of NOT getting sexually assaulted; tell me, what would happen to their donations and public support?

If there were really 16.6% of women who were raped every year or “a woman every second” or 16.6% in a lifetime rape, it would be of epidemic scale. Let’s describe what one’s daily trip to their job would look like. One walks to their car, only to see their neighbor is raping his wife. In fact he’s pile driving her. You drive to the end of the street only see two men raping a random woman. As you travel along the highway, you see two police officers pulled over three motorists and they are taking turns raping 3 different women. As you pull up to the intersection, one sees the crossing guard getting raped by school age boys. You finally pull into the parking lot, as you collect your receipt, you see the attendant getting raped. It just doesn’t end there. Making your way to the office, you see the secretary getting raped as the boss proceeds to plow her head into the wall. Walking towards your cubicle, you see what is presumably your coworker’s legs int the air. And the sound of a sledge hammer hitting a brick wall. Only to realize later your co worker was getting her head pounded into the computer monitor all the while being raped. After working your shift, you travel along the highway from early in the morning, only to see the two officers that were raping the three women were taking turns raping each other. You then stop at your local supermarket only to see the cashier getting raped. As you walk down the meat isle, you see a woman getting raped. You turn the corner, you step over a man raping a woman to take your favorite bag of rice. Making your way home, and watching a minimum of 13 other rapes, you settle into your chair to watch a few programs. Your options are:

Wheel of Rape
Dancing with the Rapist
Snow White and the 7 Rapists
The Biggest Rapist
American Rapist
One Life to Rape
My Little Rapist
How I Met Your Rapist

And before you go to bed, there is a knock at the door, a man speaks in a soft voice, “Hi I’m here for your 10 PM raping.” Your reply, “Can I take a rain-check. Can we do this tomorrow night?”

In fact with a rape percentage of 16.6% or the “rape every second” claims, it is bound that there will be genres and sub genres of rape forming daily. For instance, we could have:

Flying Broad Daylight rape*
Down and dirty and behind the dumpster rape
People who wear Buggs Bunny costumes while they rape
Men who rape telephone poles
Women who rape other women’s dildos
Fatfold rape
Women who rape banisters

But the reality is this, when people knowingly make false claims about being attacked, raped, violated, etc so that they can fulfill their agenda or their narcissism, it effects the real victim. The real people who need help the most. So the fact that feminists, RAINN, political leaders and other like minded people, aren’t helping the real victims. Feminists for the most part are damaged individuals who have serious issues. Groups like RAINN have a pro-rape agenda. It’s an easy way to promote their nonsense and to make a living. Politicians, well, they are just the tools of the problem. They not only do it because they are tools, but it makes them look good so that it diverts people’s attention from the criminal activities that they partook. And, of course, it gets them votes.

In the end, men, women, people, you have a 99.94% of NOT getting raped. And you have a 99.94% chance of NOT getting sexually assaulted. Go on about your lives. Live it to the fullest. And if you are living in fear of rape, stop living in fear. In a future article, it will be examined how feminists and pro-rape agenda organizations created their claims.

Sincerely yours,

The Damage Dealing Meat Shield

*Thanks to Creppy BitterGrrl for that idea.

RAINN’s Claim to “1in 6 women . . . “

Criminal Victimization of 2010

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  1. I don’t know if anybody wil see this comment on facebook but if they do I hope they come to your blog to see how ridiculous claims made by feminists about rape STSTISTICS are.

    If fems claimed 700,00 women are raped on the moon the media would report it as fact.


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